Hunger Banquet

Cost: $1200

This interactive meal and presentation will be emceed by one of our very own Philos Team Members. The Hunger Banquet is designed to educate and increase awareness about food insecurity and social inequities, as well as provide information about resources that are available in the community. While admission is free, there are a limited number of seats. Maximum of 60 attendees, with tickets provided for distribution. Those who attend the banquet are encouraged to contribute a non-perishable, canned or packaged food item for the campus food pantry. (If there is no pantry on campus, a local food pantry can be chosen.) Information from local assistance organizations are encouraged to be available during the event to help answer questions and to provide details about services offered. The Hunger Banquet is an opportunity for students to understand more about the circumstances that people face around the world and in the U.S. in regard to food insecurity and hunger. Students will be able to place themselves in different people’s circumstances, and maybe even talk about their own personal experiences. The banquet is interactive, and meaningful. Students who come back years later remember this event.  We provide everything you will need to put on this program, including flyers, tickets, and a team member to present.

Public Deliberation


Students will be able to come in and participate in a public deliberation, engaging with tough ideas by discussing various pro's and con's rather than simply debating a point to "win". Work together toward creating potential solutions.  Deliberation points include: Promoting Racial Justice on Campus, Achieving Diversity on Campus, Separate and Unequal.  We provide flyers, the templates necessary to encourage discussions, as well as a team member to lead the deliberation.

Build a Bear for Two

$15 per attendee

Bring this meaningful event to your campus, allowing participants to build one bear for themselves.  For every five bears purchased, a free bear will be provided to donate to a child at a local hospital.  We provide all the materials you will need, including flyers, the bears, and the stuffing. To bring even more meaning to this event, students will choose to which hospital the bears will be donated. 






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